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Finest South Indian &
Sri Lankan Kitchen  

Berlin's finest South Indian and Sri Lankan fusion cuisine

At AmmAmma, we celebrate traditional recipes, handed down through generations and crafted with love, much like those from your grandmother's kitchen. Our dishes bring together the rich and complex flavors of the South Indian and Sri Lankan culinary landscape. We serve these time-tested recipes in a modern and simple fashion, creating an all-encompassing unique dining experience. Dive into our menu and journey through a story of flavor, culture, and heritage.

New Menu
starting 2024


In 2024 we re-designed the ammAmma menu after 14 years. 

We noticed an increasing demand for especiall authentic 

handcrafted specialities from South India and Sri Lanka and 

put emphasis on our menu for these kind of dishes. This includes

producing fresh breads like Paratha, Dosai, Idiyappam, Appam, 

but also cooking streetfood dishes such as Hyderabadi Dum 

Biriyani or Kottu Rothi.  

The ammAmma Family

From preparing South Indian and Sri Lankan dishes to serving them to our cherished customers, every individual in our team plays a vital role in shaping the customer experience at AmmAmma. To help you get to know the people behind your dining experience better, we would like to introduce you to our dedicated and talented staff.

Team - Culinary Creators


Head Chef


Speciality Chef


Kitchen Support

Team - Customer Heroes


Inhouse Manager

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Team - Invisible Visibles


Managing Director


Service Specialist


Operations & Marketing


Bar Specialist



About Us

Eat like at your grandma's place

2010 - The Brothers "Gulasingam" and "Gunasingham", settled in Berlin, noticed that they missed a crucial part of their culinary identity - authentic South Indian and Sri Lankan dishes. Inspired largely by their grandmothers, the custodians of incredible recipes and crafted food experiences, they established the first step on the journey to AmmAmma. In Sri Lankan culture, and indeed many others, grandmothers hold the keys to the most extraordinary dishes, prepared lovingly by hand. Inspired by these cherished memories, the idea to found "AmmAmma" was born. Differentiating from typical Indian cuisine, they used coconut milk instead of cream and introduced handcrafted delicacies such as Dosai, echoing food traditions from back home.


2015 - AmmAmma had become a staple of the local 'Kiez', leading to an local extension of the restuarant from 25 to 70 indoor seats, along with a larger terrace. The family noted an increasing demand for the authentic culinary experiences they offered, leading to further adaptions in response to customer needs.


2023 - The rise of Sri Lankan backpacking as well as a growing indian expat community saw an increased interest in dishes like Appam, Dum Biriyani, Kottu Rotti, and more. In turn, the AmmAmma team revamped not only their menu but their entire digital experience to cater to this growing audience. 


Today - Over the past 13 years, AmmAmma has remained true to its roots - a family-run restaurant committed to delivering Berlin's finest South Indian and Sri Lankan kitchen. The family feels proud to have created an ever-growing community that appreciates and loves the traditional cuisine they offer.


At AmmAmma, you're always welcomed like at your grandma's place.


Team ammAmma 

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